Reflecting On My Year

Hey there! It’s Jada again! As I am entering my last week of classes, I wanted to take time to reflect back on my sophomore year as a Public Health student here at the university!

Fall Semester I took Second Year Public Health Seminar and Intro to Public Health Methods. There is a seminar for public health undergrad students every fall semester, which I find to be super helpful! You really get to know your peers on a personal level and know some of the faculty within different departments really well. This helps a lot when navigating your way through the different requirements of the major. In the Second Year Seminar we talked a lot about resumes and applying for internships. We created our own resumes while working with the career center here on campus and also heard from numerous departments about experiential learning opportunities, wether that be research or an actual internship. My favorite part of the seminar is getting to know my peers but also learning how I can further advance my education within the college of public health. Intro to Public Health Methods was split into two sections, a quantitive side and a qualitative side. The quantitive side dealt with statistical methods in obtaining data from public health studies, which I found very fun because I like math. The qualitative side focused on the actual structure of studies in public health, and at the end of this unit we as students actually conducted our own study! This class really opened up my eyes to just how much work really goes into research studies and how tough it can be to collect data.

Spring semester I took Intro to Computer Science, a B.S. requirement, and The U.S. Health System in a Global Context. Intro to Computer Science definitely took me way out of my element as I have never dealt with any type of computer programming. However, I found it to actually be really fun. It’s cool to see how technology we use everyday works on a smaller scale. This class also talked a lot about internet safety and ways to be safer on the internet. This aspect of the class almost scared me because it really made me thing about how crucial it is to make sure you’re being safe on the internet. This class ties into public health in that public health research uses a lot of statistical programs, so learning how to work these programs now will make a competitive applicant when applying for jobs and internships in the public health field. My favorite class this semester was definitely The U.S. Health System in a Global Context because it was really intriguing to learn about how our current healthcare system operates in comparison to other countries around the world. I feel as though I learned a lot in this class and am able to make a lot of connections in today’s news with what we learn in class. The professor who teaches the class is also really passionate about what she does and that always makes a class enjoyable.

Outside of my public health classes this year I took numerous science classes as prerequisites for applying to PA schools. These classes included Organic Chemistry and two Biology courses. I really enjoyed the biology courses I took this year because I found them to be very interesting and applicable to everyday life. Next semester I am taking Microbiology, Human Anatomy, Global Public Health, Applied Public Health Methods, and a 3rd year seminar! I am super pumped to see what next year brings, but am most excited for Global Public Health! This summer I am working full time as a CNA in a rehab center back in my hometown. This will give me the patient care hours I need to apply to PA programs and I am really excited to gain experience in a new setting! I also plan to help coach a little league softball team this summer. I’m really excited for this as softball has played a part in my life since I was 6!

Thank you to everyone who has been following the blog this year!! I hope to see some of you on campus this fall!!

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