Public Health in the Media

Hey everyone! It’s Madison again!

This week I want to touch on a topic that is very important to me – public health campaigns! If you guys have been reading our blogs for awhile, you know that I want to create campaigns for my future career within public health. It’s a niche of public health that people aren’t super aware of, but you see it literally everywhere!

Since becoming a public health major, I have been much more aware of marketing around health. We are exposed to SO much advertising everyday, and it is the goal of public health campaigns to utilize that to educate and influence people. Let’s talk about some current campaigns in the media.


What is The Real Cost?

This is an anti-tobacco products campaign that utilizes some scary truths to educate people on the dangers of smoking, vaping, and chewing. I see this campaign ALL the time (especially on Hulu) and I think it is one of the most recognized campaigns circulating right now. Vaping is a huge public health issue right now, especially because of the amount of teens and young adults have taken up vaping. While vaping has helped many people quit smoking cigarettes, it has lead to a a large amount of people taking up vaping with no prior smoking habit, which then leads them to a greater chance of taking up smoking. Here is the PSA from TRC I have been seeing recently:



Measles Moves Fast

MRI-Posters-Final JPEG

Measles is a hot topic right now in the news with all of the different outbreaks occurring and the different legislation that is being discussed. With the anti-vaxxers being a top health concern for 2019, MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) has a serious chance of making a major comeback. The anti-vaxxers have continued to try to introduce new bills to add vaccination exemptions. All of these bills have been shot down, and for good measure. They are also extremely present on social media, running their own informal and uneducated campaigns, fueling the anti-vaxx movement. This particular health campaign above is run by the CDC in partnership with other global health organizations in order to make these populations aware of the importance of the MMR vaccine and how vitally important it is to combat these outbreaks.

Here is a CNN article about the hearing in the Senate about the importance of vaccines! There is a live stream of it, so if you have time, take a chunk of your day to watch the importance of policy and public health and the importance it has on our lives!




Versed is a campaign led by Merck that utilizes diversity and gender to promote the idea that the Gardasil shot to combat HPV is for everyone. In the past, Gardasil has been marketed as a shot for young women to protect them against cervical cancer. While that is true that the Gardasil shot does greatly diminish your chance of developing cervical cancer, its main purpose is to combat against HPV, a sexually transmitted disease. By showing young adults that are diverse and male and female, the “get versed about HPV” campaign relays that sexual health and the Gardasil shot is important for everyone. This campaign has received a massive round of applause from people for its inclusivity approach.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 11.32.18 AM


These are just three of the prominent public health campaigns that are circulating in the media today. These are global and national campaigns, but we see regional, state, local, and organizational based health campaigns in our everyday lives. Media one of the biggest influencers in our lives, and most of the time we don’t even realize it. It is so important that we are susceptible to the right ideas about our health, and not responding positively to the wrong ideas. Public health campaigns try to influence our behaviors to improve our health and therefore our lives. They are a vital part of the public health operations!

In closing, I challenge you for a day to just keep your eyes open and recognize and process every time you see a campaign and how you respond to it! Also look for all of the advertisements you see for something that compromises our health.

I hope you learned a little more about health campaigns! If you are interested in more of the campaigns that are officially associated with the CDC, visit this link. You might spot some you recognize!


Thanks for reading!! If you have any questions regarding this post, about admissions, or public health in general, please reach out to us at:

Catch ya next week with a new post!


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